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lease consider seeking a master tiler - ideal for flat roofs repair of buildings to housing and commercial
70% cheaper than a complete removal
National Seal inc. Roof sealant, asphalt shindle
15 years product guarantiee - for flat roof and 10 years product garantee - for singled roof
easy do it yourself application - Flat roof repair
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   Tuesday 20 February 2018

• Do you own a building? And does the roof leak?
• Does the deteriorated state of your flat roof worry you?
• Does your shingled roof look faded, and are the shingles peeling off ?
• Does your wood or metal roof look tired and faded?

If your answer is yes, we have a solution for your roofing needs.


National Seal is an ultra rugged polymer membrane that carries a 15 year guarantee (flat roofs) It is the intelligent alternative to the conventional gravel roof method, offers superior protection sealing out the elements, and cutting down on energy costs with the application of our special aluminum paint.
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SHINGLED ROOFS (including wooden and steel roofs)

National Seal is an ultra resistant water based sealer that contains anti rust agents especially designed to give up to 10 years extra life for your shingled roof. The 3 step process, that we suggest, (SHINGLE MAGIC SEAL) will allow you to restore the texture of your shingles locking the gravel in, so that your shingles will look new again. Due to the excellent sealant properties, you will effectively seal out the elements and prevent water infiltration, no matter what the elements are. On wooden and steel roofs the sealant will restore the surfaces making them look new again!


Not only are National Seal products effective and get the job done, they are designed for the do it yourselfer. Easy to apply.(see adobe documents for download) On the other hand If you would like to have it done just let us know, we will be glad to send you one of our contractors and give you a free estimate.

National Seal's roofing products do not contain asbestos.


Plastic cement with super anti leak properties (Flat and Shingle roof super adherent application base)

Polymer membrane – super tight anti leak compound (Flat roof)

Aluminum (asphalt based) reflective paint (Flat roof)

Shingle Magic seal – Water based – non toxic and waterproof (Shingle Roof)

The intelligent alternative to roof restoration


Long lasting


Roof restoration made simple

Flat roof application - 4 easy steps (see attached file)
Shingle roof application – 3 easy steps ( see attached file)

*A drying time is required between applications

* In case of doubt on the integrity of the roof structure, have your
   roof inspected by a qualified building expert.

repair of roof in Quebec
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Roofing Quebec - Coverage and roof - rubber coating
Roofs and roofing - Roof Repair kit Top QC roof sealer


Asphalt, Asbestos free fiber and solvent-based plastic cement for general use. In accordance with CAN/C.G.C.B. 37.5-M89 standard.

Apply with mastic knife, trowel or spray gun. To fill joints and cracks. When ready to repair cracks, holes and deteriorated surfaces, apply a 3 mm (1/8 in.) coat on weak spots and exceed by 150 mm (6 in.) around repairs. (See attached PDF file for instructions)



Based coating modified elastomer (rubber coating) is composed of a mixture of bitumen laminated resaturation specially designed for the roofing tar or bitumen.

The EZ5000 is used to restore and rehabilitate old roofing tar or asphalt and provides a protective weather resistant membrane that will seal out the elements. It will safely and effectively form a protective barrier in the place of the conventional gravel system.


ALUMINIUM PAINT (asphalt based)

Superior quality aluminum paint, solvent-based and formulated with selected resins and a large quantity of aluminum powder. This paint contains bitumen and gives, once dry, a reflective, glossy, and durable finish. In accordance with CAN/C.G.S.B. 37.42-M89 type I standard.

This product is used as a reflective and decorative coating for rooves, flashings, utility buildings, facings, sidings, and metal structures. This paint is also used on dry protection coverings or on any other stable bituminous coating as well as on coal tar pitch coverings and flashings. Ideally applied on metal surfaces that have a dried out coat of primer, or where paint is dull and faded.

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